Vitruvian X Man (Modernizing the Masters collection)
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Vitruvian X Man (Modernizing the Masters collection)

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The Vitruvian X Man is a graphite drawing that includes clues about how to square the circle, in the center of a page with a compass and a straight edge. The original was hand crafted by artist C.S.Hawks in 2013. It is a part of the growing Modernizing the Masters collection started in 2013.

More about the art:

Modernizing the Masters is a growing collection of art works created by artist C.S.Hawks. The paintings are hand drawn and hand painted from scratch, with a method called "The Prestige Technique". The iconic image of a classical masterpiece is modernized with a parody reimagining of famous icons from pop culture. The series started in 2013 with the Vitruvian X Man, and has been steadily growing into the Mona Mystique, Birth of Cthulhu, etc... It is an evolution of classics, transformed into new masterpieces for our times.