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Flash Sale! type the code FANTASTIC at checkout and get your third print free.
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(Modernizing the Masters) Nightwhos?
Real Fantastic Art

(Modernizing the Masters) Nightwhos?

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Nightwhos? is the next installment to the Modernizing the Masters collection by artist Chris Hawks. It is a reinvention of Edward Hopper's classic icon Nighthawks. This parody remake was hand painted from scratch with "the old way" of "The Prestige Technique". Prints of the painting are available in 3 sizes and are signed by the artist.

More about the art, and how it is crafted:

Modernizing the Masters is a growing collection of art works created by artist Chris Hawks. The iconic image of a classical masterpiece is modernized with a parody reimagining of famous icons from pop culture. The series started in 2013 with the Vitruvian X Man, and has been steadily growing into the Mona MystiqueBirth of CthulhuTransformation of Ivy etc... It is an evolution of old ideas, transformed into new masterpieces for our times.

"The Prestige Technique""the old way" by artist Chris Hawks:

(1)-Step One: Canvas is cut to size, and soaked in a pool of water for 25-30 minutes. A masonite wood panel is cut to size while the canvas is soaking.

(2)-Step Two: The canvas is mounted onto the masonite wood panel with acrylic glue, & squeegee. The canvas is dry after a few hours.

(3)-Step Three: The original drawing is hand drawn with graphite pencil onto the canvas panel, with trained hand eye coordination.

(4)-Step Four: Begin painting. Layers of tinted pigment are applied first, then layers of opaque pigment.

(5)-Step Five: After the painting is dry, Photograph the finished painting for producing prints, and archives.

(6)-Step Six: After all of the photography is archived, then the original painting artifact is set in a frame for a singularly completed work of Real Fantastic Art.