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(Modernizing the Masters) Inspiration of Neo Saints
Real Fantastic Art

(Modernizing the Masters) Inspiration of Neo Saints

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A reinvention of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, known as simply Caravaggio's masterpiece of Inspiration of Saint Matthew.

Inspiration of Neo Saints is the next installment to the Modernizing the Masters collection by artist C.S.Hawks.

This parody remake was hand drawn & painted from scratch with graphite pencil & acrylic paint.


Prints of the painting are available for sale in 2 sizes on satin paper card stock that are signed on the back for authenticity by the artist.

A made to order special canvas panel print production is available with embellishment of texture on the canvas print performed by our artist, and framed.

The canvas panel print is made and mounted to it's panel in the way of the “Prestige Technique” Hand painted embellishments are brush sculpted by the artist with a unique technique working in acrylic medium, and continuous cure monitoring. A  Certificate of Authenticity is mounted on the back, Signed by the artist C.S.Hawks.

A "Remake Renaissance", On the Shoulders of Titans, Real Fantastic Art Presents: Modernizing the Masters.