Keepers of Perception building levels of reality
Keepers of Perception building levels of reality
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Keepers of Perception building levels of reality

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The Keepers of Perception are in essence like Yin & Yang. Here at Real Fantastic Art we identify them by a different titles: The Alpha Gravitron(gravity), and the Lucifer Omega(light). Read more:

The K.o.P. are representative in the complete spectrum of all dimensions. Like Yin and Yang they are the mother & the father of all dimensions of the cosmos. They represent the space that all things are held in, and all things that exists in space. One and zero are illusions, that are placeholders for stillness and direction. In any dimension there is always at least two.

An example: To observe a single particle there is the particle it's self, and there is also the space that the particle exists in, therefore two: The matter, and the space that the matter exists in. This is one example but there are an infinite amount of others that may be observed in any reality.

The K.o.P. are a kind of dichotomy. They are like two sides of the same coin. The personified forms of the Keepers of Perception are symbolic representations of darkness and light, up and down, back and fourth, inward, and outward, female and male, low and high, micro and macro, sub-atomic and astronomical, infrared and ultraviolet, gravity waves, and light ray particles. The K.o.P's physical bodies are represented in this painting as humanoid personifications to relate their energies to the humans of Gaia (Earth). 

This painting by artist Christopher Stuart Wilson-Sol Hawks was realized(created), with graphite pencil and hand painted with acrylic paint on 24"x18" stretched canvas circa 2013, shortly after the 2012 apocalypse phenomenon.


Prints of the painting are available for sale in 2 sizes on satin paper card stock that are signed on the back for authenticity by the artist.

A made to order special canvas panel print production is available with embellishment of texture on the canvas print performed by our artist, and framed.

The canvas panel print is made and mounted to it's panel in the way of the “Prestige Technique” Hand painted embellishments are brush sculpted by the artist with a unique technique working in acrylic medium, and continuous cure monitoring. A  Certificate of Authenticity is mounted on the back, Signed by the artist C.S.Hawks.